Puzzle Stone - Valentine


This is an exclusive piece available for sell, however we produce according to your order or requirements.
If you desire a hand-painted stone idealized by you, please contact us through the form on the contact page or by email at support@i9tex.com.



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Puzzle Stone - Valentine

SKU: 02/0029/26
  • This is a set of hand-painted stones that provide a unique effect when attached.


    They are undoubtedly unique pieces with spectacular effects you can acquire, however if you want to customize with another image we can do it by order.


    Get one of these hand-painted stone to embellish your home, office, workplace or even to offer as a gift to some very special person.


    The i9tex ensures that this type of ornament looks great in any type of environment.


    Anyone would be delighted to see or receive one of these stones.