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production services
production textile - customized services


Production becomes more challenging and efficient when working with quality and detail.
The challenge is support all brands that are looking for high-quality, exclusivity and performance.
The key of success is to produce in series using high-quality standards and a specialized workforce. i9tex is available to produce various types of textile products in small, medium and large quantities.


i9tex provides customized services of production, disposing an R&D department that prepares each tool for each task. You can find here an innovative production chain where all the details are adjusted for each order. Our goal is to make feel unique.
Styling & Design


Design is the art of creating value.
At i9tex, the main goal is make dreams come true.
The first step is imagining, idealizing and drawing.
Textile Modelling


Modelling is a science, because it translates a desire.
It's the embryo of the ideal product.
This stage, i9tex collaborators enhance all details, cutting, shape and comfort.
Cutting textile


Cutting is a demanding, minute and delicate task. Each raw material reacts differently, so it's important to check each reaction.
After that, all components should be adjusted perfectly.
The precision work of i9tex begins here.


This step confirms that the productive process was made in compliance. There is an individual verification to ensure that all details correspond to customer's expetactions.
Working with passion isn't work, it's realisation.
textile quality control


The packaging intends to package and protect the product in a careful and attractive way.
It is the task that aims to protect all products for distribution. In this sense, i9tex provides personalized services according to the requirements of each client.
packaging - accessories
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