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Founded in 2014, i9tex is textile company that is in Ave Valley, north of Portugal, where there is a historical tradition with the textile industry.
On one hand, it's a manufacturer that provides textile services of production for small, medium and large orders using high-quality, exclusivity and performance.
On the other hand, the company produces own branded products that are created and made in Portugal. The products are available for sale in the official online store.
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i9tex has a wide variety of Fabrics & Mesh with all associated certificates, guaranteeing the fulfillment of all requirements demanded by our customers.
In this way, we remain loyal to our main mission, to commercialize articles with excellent quality.
In this sense, i9tex provides a service that aims to research and select a set of samples according to the requirements idealized by each client, in order to assist you in this crucial sorting for the manufacture of your products.
As soon as the customer receives the samples selected by i9tex, he will be able to evaluate all the details of the materials, such as texture, weight, composition, color, printing and other relevant characteristics.
i9tex also assists clients with regard to the development or selection of designs, original and exclusive, to be printed on selected Fabrics & Mesh.


Would you like to use your creativity and entrepreneurial spirit to create your fashion brand?

Would you like to use sustainable and organic materials that do not harm the environment?

Would you like to learn circular design and zero waste techniques to apply in cutting your garments?

Do you want to create your job and still provide fair conditions for sewers and artisans living and working in Europe?

Do you want assistance in defining your business, finance, production, marketing, and sales strategies?

Then the incubation and mentoring platform for sustainable fashion brands is the right place for you!

During The Slow Fashion Innovation Program activities, you will learn more about each of these topics. You will have the opportunity to get in touch with Portuguese manufacturing partners and suppliers of sustainable materials from all over Europe.

Our program tracks brands in each of the following steps:

1) Market research and collection planning;
2) Supply of sustainable fabrics and European manufacturing partners;
3) Preparation of financial and business plans;
3) Learning of circular design and zero waste techniques;
4) Pattern Making and Prototyping;
5) Marketing strategy ;
6) Online and offline sales strategies;
7) Production of slow collections.

Join us and come and develop your sustainable fashion collection!
i9tex customers have a 10% discount.


Small / Medium / Large quantities

We are a Portuguese textile manufacturer looking for new challenges, new markets and new partners.
If you wish to produce your own collection, we are available to support you. We produce in small, medium and large quantities.
Step 1: Explain your need;
Step 2: Submit all information;
Step 3: We create a production budget;
Step 4: You take a decision.
Together we make the difference.



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