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Founded in 2014, i9tex is textile company that is in Ave Valley, north of Portugal, where there is a historical tradition with the textile industry.
On one hand, it's a manufacturer that provides textile services of production for small, medium and large orders using high-quality, exclusivity and performance.
On the other hand, the company produces own branded products that are created and made in Portugal. The products are available for sale in the official online store.
slow fashion - sustainable




Small / Medium / Large quantities

We are a Portuguese textile manufacturer looking for new challenges, new markets and new partners.
If you wish to produce your own collection, we are available to support you. We produce in small, medium and large quantities.
Step 1: Explain your need;
Step 2: Submit all information;
Step 3: We prepare a production budget;

Together we make the difference.

Maximize Your Textile Potential

Discover our collection of Infoproducts, designed specifically to boost your knowledge and success in the textile industry.

Imagine having immediate access to an arsenal of textile expertise, gathered by renowned technicians and influential leaders in the field.

Take advantage of this opportunity to acquire all the necessary knowledge to stand out from the competition and achieve the success you desire in the textile industry.

Infoproducts Textiles


i9tex main mission is to sell articles with excellent quality.

The Woven Fabrics & Knit Fabrics – i9tex are no exception.

i9tex has a service for the development and supply of wovens and knits, striving for accuracy and compliance with all the requirements requested by its customers.

The Research and Selection of Samples – i9tex is a service required by most of our customers for the purpose of pre-selection of materials to be used in their products.

In this way, we guarantee the total approval and satisfaction of our customers around the world, in the process of research, development, selection and acquisition of Woven Fabrics & Knit Fabrics- i9tex.
fabrics - meshs - samples - production
Websolutions to you


i9tex is much more than a textile company. Their mission is to help you achieve success in all aspects of your business. An essential way to do this is to take advantage of the endless expansion possibilities offered by the online market.


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With efficiency and diversity, W2Y can provide everything you need to boost your sales:


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• Online store creation and management;

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• Creation and implementation of digital marketing plans;

• Creation of multimedia content;

• Graphic design;

• Market research;

• Among many other services to meet the needs of your business.


And as an i9tex customer, you can enjoy an exclusive 15% discount on all W2Y services.


Don't hesitate to take advantage of this partnership to take your business to the next level. Contact W2Y today.

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