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Têxtile Production and Sewing Services

IDADESEGUINTE is a Portuguese company specialized in clothing industry. Born in 2014, the main goal of the brand is increase its horizons daily in order to grow up sustainably in the textile market.

The specialization in the production of differentiated products was the ideal opportunity to enter in the sector.


IDADESEGUINTE stands out for the high quality of its services, a fast execution, and a great vocation to adapt the productive process to the client's needs.


In recent years, the textile industry has been subjected to a demanding and competitive environment driven by unexpected phenomena transverse to world economies. In this sense, the company has defined as a priority the framing of its services in four fundamental pillars:


✅ Specialized labor;
✅ Constant innovation in the production process;
✅ Speed of execution;
✅ Team with more than 20 years of experience.

Tailor-Made Factories

IDADESEGUINTE is dedicated to provide services of production of the most diverse products related to the textile industry. In it genesis was the identification of a huge lacuna in the market, namely with regard to the provision of specialized services tailored to customer needs. The company positioned itself to fill this void, betting on an innovative and differentiated production process, which aims to provide very specific services with high quality.

On the one hand, it has set up an organized, multidisciplinary and sophisticated production line with modern production tools and techniques. On the other hand, it was based on a young, visionary and competent structure, able to respond to micro, small and medium orders, with a service of great added value for the our partners. We are in a position to guarantee dedication, quality, accompaniment and accuracy.

Textile Services and Applications

Taking advantage of the winds of change, IDADESEGUINTE saw challenges turn into windows of opportunity. For this reason, it decided to specialize in a wide range of services associated with different applications in the textile production sector.

In this context, its offer extends to several specialized services:

  • Button / Buttonholing;

  • Fastener;

  • Brand plates;

  • Neckband;

  • Plackets;

  • Double plackets;

  • Transfers;

  • Zipper;

  • Lace;

  • Tapes;

  • Hanger tapes;

  • Decorative stitches;

  • Decorative applications;

  • Special sewing;

  • Other.

Textile Manufacturing Industry

The adaptation of the productive process to the needs of the client has been an increasingly intrinsic reality to our path. The need is yours, the execution is ours. Therefore it´s based on this binomial that the textile industry has classified our strategy as innovative and differentiating. Our partners are unanimous in recognizing the dedication and daily overcoming of IDADESEGUINTE in the production of very specific textile products. Some of these partners have been following us since long time ago, because they know that together we make the difference.


Within our enterprise we have a R&D department, where specialized professionals instantaneously solve mechanical anomalies associated with the productive tools. At the same time this know-how also enabled them to make adaptations to these instruments, which increased the potential of the production line.


The our past, as well as the present, demonstrate that the simultaneity of these factors is crucial to respond quickly and positively to the new challenges that the market has been placing. This is a differentiating internal resource capable of leveraging the our position in the domestic market, but above of all, in the external market, where we identify a potential growth in our current quota of service.

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Clothing industry in Guimarães
Textile manufacturing industry.

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The company stands out for the high quality of its services, a quick response capacity and a great vocation for adapting the production process to your needs.

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4805-233 Ponte - Guimarães

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